Engineering company in oil and gas industry

Process design

A process design bureau of «RusGazCryo» undertakes a full scope of design services:

We enjoy extensive experience in engineering and design drawings development for greenfield process facilities and existing plant upgrades and retrofitting in oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industries. Our company designs construction drawings that allow for production to be scheduled either at our own manufacturing facilities or at our partners – equipment vendor shops. Such a diverse approach paves the way for reducing the lead time on equipment procurement while ensuring that the Project quality standards are controlled and maintained at a high level.

«RusGasCryo» designs specific types of process equipment as modular units to be supplied as completed skid sets, fully manufactured in a controlled environment of a production facility. This approach significantly cuts down the length of the installation period, eliminates requirements for highly skilled and versatile installation workforce and diminishes the risks of bad installation errors.

«RusGasCryo» is highly competitive in design and development of various automation and control systems – from local PLC to complicated process plant control:

  • new process plant project documentation design
  • retrofitting, modernization and upgrade design solutions
  • development of design documentation and drawings for all stages of automation and control systems implementation (hardware, software, process signals) using sophisticated CAD automated design software.