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Furnace equipment


Tubular heating furnaces of the CS type are designed to directly heat a product with the heat generated while burning the fuel up in the radiating combustion chamber.

Installed to the following production fields: Sterkhovoye, Vankorskoye, Ust-Selginskoye, Lokosovskyi Gaz-processing plant, «Volgogasautomatica».

The furnace is a vertical cylindrical vessel, containing two chambers: combustion and convectional, a coupling and a chimney. There is a vertical product-heating coil running through combustion chamber. The coil is suspended from the top of the chamber. Immediately above the radiating combustion chamber is the convection chamber, featuring a horizontal product heating coil across it, suspended by grid structure. The furnace is topped off with a chimney, installed by a coupler to the upper part of the convection chamber.

The furnace is equipped with a fire-extinguishing system.

Burners are installed in the bottom part of the furnace. The furnace has fittings for instrumentation and control devices connection. The furnace module features ladders and walkways for inspection and service operations.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Temperature, °С design t of the product-heating coil, no greater than 650
operating t of the media, no greater than 350
Operating pressure within the product-heating coil, MPa, no greater than 16
Radiant tubes surface area, m2 100
Average heating capacity (with permissible heat liberation rate of radiant tubes 35 kW/m2), MW from 0.1 up to 16.0
Outer dimensions, m Cylindrical furnaces shell diameter from 1.8 up to 5.5
Box furnaces length, no greater than 16.0
width, no greater than 9.0
height (Н) from 12 up to 50
Heated products/media hydrocarbon gas, hydrocarbon liquids, glycol solutions