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Direct fire evaporator

Direct fire evaporator
Direct fire evaporator

The unit is designed to heat up glycol/methanol.

Installed to the following production fields: Fyedorovskoye, Vankorskoye, Severo-Pokachevskoye, Anastasievsko-Troitskoye.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

The product enters the HEX shell where it is heated up and partially evaporates by recuperating the heat conducted by the flame and smoke tubes passing through the shell. The balance of the liquid product is drained out of the shell through the outlet drain pipe or a specialized chamber.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Flow capacity (regenerated product), kg/h from 750 up to 17955
Design pressure, MPa up to 0.8
Design temperature, °С 250
Media regenerated glycol/methanol, rich glycol/methanol
Direct fire evaporator