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Propane evaporating module – 2

Propane evaporating module – 2

Module is designed to cool down hydrocarbon gas.

Installed as a part of «Gaselan» amine dryer at Anastasievsko-Troitskoye production field.

Module operates in the following fashion:

Hydrocarbon gas stream flows through the heat-exchanging (HEX) tubes, where it is cooled down by liquid propane evaporating in the HEX shell.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Capacity, kg/h from 178073 up to 178148
Design pressure, MPa up to 6.6
Design temperature, of the outer wall °С up to 100
Media water, water vapor, nitrogen, oil, gaseous propane, propane liquid, hydrocarbon condensate, hydrocarbon gas, di ethylene glycol, non-condensable gas, drain