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Jet pumps module

Jet pumps module

Module is designed to cool the gas stream and utilize the low-pressure gas.

Installed to Pyakyakhinskoye production field.

The module consists of a skid with three jet pumps, bypass pipelines, gas-compressor station discharge line, process pipelines with blocking and control valves and instrumentation devices.

The module design allows for individual pump jet activation or their common operation. The gas/liquid stream discharge pipeline is equipped with safety valves and switching mechanisms.

Module is equipped with the necessary instrumentation and control devices for remote process control and monitoring.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Inlet gas pipes Outlet gas pipes
High pressure gas Low pressure gas Upstream of DN150 ball valves Downstream of DN150 ball valves
Capacity: Gas, m3/h
from 90974

up to 259188

from 2732

up to 13826

from 97918

up to 263664

Condensate, kg/h up to 1793 from 9002 up to 53843
Rich methanol, kg/h from 29 up to 239 from 65 up to 354
Design pressure, MPa 14.5 3.2 14.5 9.0
Design temperature, °С 50
Media Hydrocarbon gas, hydrocarbon condensate, rich methanol