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Multifunctional apparatus module

Multifunctional apparatus module

The module function is to compress low pressure off gas from the nozzles and later separation of water and hydrocarbon condensate from the gas.

The module operates in the following fashion:

Gas from two stages of initial separation (high pressure from 1st stage and low pressure from the 2nd stage) is sucked into the module through jet pumps (inspirators) where process water acts as an active stream fluid and is pumped by Н-101/1,2 and Н-102/1,2 pumps. Gas/liquid streams then are directed towards the bottom through the inlets, encountering separation orifices. Separated liquid phase is then further separated into heavy (water) and light (hydrocarbon condensate) fractions.

Separated components are exited out of the module through designated outlet nozzles.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
High pressure gas nozzle Low pressure gas nozzle separator
Active stream Passive stream Active stream Passive stream  
Capacity: gas, m3/h from 60

up to 597

from 45

up to 449

from 1959

up to 2086

condensate, kg/h 311
water, kg/h 655449 113818 358724
operating fluid, kg/h from 6 up to 16
Design pressure, MPa 4.5 1.1
Design temperature, °С 100
Media water, hydrocarbon gas, hydrocarbon condensate
Multifunctional apparatus module