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Regeneration module

Regeneration module
Regeneration module

Module is designed to regenerate rich glycol.

Installed as a part of «Gaselan» amine dryer at Anastasievsko-Troitskoye production field.

Module operates in the following fashion:

Rich glycol flows through the fine filtering skid where it is purged of mechanical impurities. It then flows into the dephlegmating tower where the vapors of the stripper tower are cooled down and reflux is created.

Glycol then enters an in-built U-shaped heat-exchanging tube bundle where it is heated by the regenerated glycol stream, flowing in the opposite direction out of evaporator. Glycol stream then is directed to the bottom of the stripper tower.

Once in the stripper tower, the rectification of glycol-water stream takes place where the liquid stream flowing down is enriched with high-temperature boiling component – glycol, while vapors running up are enriched with low-temperature boiling component – water.

Regenerated glycol flows from the evaporator into the stripper tower, where due to orifices a glycol concentration is enhanced by injecting a desorption gas into the bottom of the tower.

Glycol then flows down into the HEX shell of the buffer vessel, and then is pumped into the glycol make up tank.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Capacity, kg/h from 750 up to 17995
Design pressure, MPa, no greater than 4,0
Temperature, °С design t of the shell from 50 up to 250
operating t of the media from 10 up to 250
Internal diameter of vessels, mm from 400 up to 2400
Media glycol, desorption gas, water vapors, exhaust gases