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Thermodynamic separator module

Thermodynamic separator module

Module is designed to facilitate the following functions:

  • Thermodynamic cooling of hydrocarbon gas;
  • Condensation of hydrocarbon components out of the gas;
  • Separation of hydrocarbon condensate;
  • Ejection of low pressure hydrocarbon gas.

Installed to Yurkharovskoye production field.

Module operates in the following fashion:

Thermodynamic separator is a cylindrical vessel installed horizontally to two vertical support beams. Its internals consist of de Laval nozzle (convergent-divergent orifice), vortex element (swirl plate), tubular separating element and a diffusor. High pressure multicomponent hydrocarbon gas with water vapor content enters the separator via gas pipe inlet and meets the mist separator screen. Droplets separated at this point (hydrocarbon condensate and brine/deposit water) are drained out into the condensate collector tank. The rotating gas stream goes on to expand and subsequently cool down within de Laval nozzle. The heavy hydrocarbons condense within this expanded and cold stream and are separated at the tubular separation elements. The outer edge of the rotating stream separates out the gaseous phase of the heavy hydrocarbon components as well. These heavy hydrocarbon components both in liquid and gaseous phases are separated out of the gas stream through a circular opening into a separation chamber. A pipeline drains the liquid condensate out of the chamber into the ejection chamber. As a part of the ejection process initial high speed gas stream and heavy hydrocarbon components gaseous phase with a vaporized liquid content bond to form a low temperature gas/liquid stream. Liquid droplets act as condensation initiating particles within this stream – condensation process tends to intensify itself around these particles. A separated gas stream flows out of the tubular separating element into a diffusor where the stream is slowed down and normalizes its pressure.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Capacity, MM m3/d. from 1 up to 3
Operating pressure, MPa, no greater than 16
Operating media temperature, °С from minus 65 up to plus 45
Media natural gas, methanol, hydrocarbon condensate, brine and deposit water
Thermodynamic separator module