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The Unit function is to degas liquid medias such as: hydrocarbon fluids (hydrocarbon condensate, natural gas condensate, etc.), crude oil, glycol water solutions, hydrates inhibitors and similar liquids.

Installed to the following production fields: Fyedorovskoye, Vankorskoye, Severo-Pokachaevskoye, Ust-Silginskoye and others.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

Liquid-gas mixture enters the inlet connection and through the liquids entrance section flows into the settling zone, where gravitational separation of gas and liquid components takes place. Separated gas then flows through the drop catcher and out of the vessel through the outlet connection.

The diameter of typical degasser vessel is 800 to 3200 mm.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Liquid flow capacity, m3/h, no more than 600
Operating pressure, MPa, no greater than 6.3
Design temperature, °С minus 40 to plus 200
Internal volume, m3 from 2 up to 100
Operating media Liquid-gas mixture