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Filter separator module

Filter separator module
Filter separator module

Module function is to capture liquid droplets from the gas stream.

Installed to Keymir production field.

Module operates in the following fashion:

Hydrocarbon gas flows in from the slug-catcher module into the filter-separator module.

Once in the filter-separator module, the stream passes through filtering elements then through the layer of mesh orifice.

The gas then leaves the filter-separator module and flows to the first stage of compressor. Captured deposit water and other liquids flow into the liquid collection pot and periodically pumped into the buffer tanks through a pipeline connection.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Inlet gas capacity, m3/h from 57312 up to 57614
Design pressure, MPa 0.8
Design temperature, °С 100
Media hydrocarbon gas, brine or deposit water
Filter separator module