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Fine filtering module

Fine filtering module
Fine filtering module

The function of the module is to filter the mechanical impurities out of the hydrocarbon liquids.

Installed to the following production fields: Vankorskoye, Fyedorovskoye.

The fine filtering module is an essence a vertically mounted cylindrical apparatus equipped with the filtering elements, outlet and inlet nozzle connections for designated process streams and instrumentation tie-ins.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

Dirty liquid enters the filtering module shell through the inlet nozzle, passes through the filtering elements, where mechanical impurities are captured.

The filtered liquid is collected in a separate compartment and is taken out of the module through an outlet nozzle connection.

Mechanical impurities collected by the filtering elements are pulled to the bottom of the shell by gravity and are taken out through the drain nozzle connection.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Liquid flow capacity, kg/h 18539.2
Design pressure, MPa 0.8
Design temperature, °С 100
Media Rich tri-ethylene glycol (di-ethylene glycol, Methanol and similar)