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Liquids separator

Liquids separator
Liquids separator

The unit is designed for handling gravitational liquids separation (hydrocarbon condensate-water; hydrocarbon condensate-water solution of methanol; hydrocarbon condensate-water solution of glycol and so on) and gas separation.

Installed to the following production fields: Tarasovskoye, Troitskoye, Kynskoye, Fakhirovskoye, Sterkhovoye, Pyakyakhinskoye, Ust-Silginskoye and others.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

Liquid-gas mixture enters the inlet connection and through the liquids entrance section flows into the settling zone, where gravitational separation of gas and liquid components takes place.

Liquid flow is then directed through a series of plates where liquid separation process is intensified.

The separated light fraction of the liquid mixture is collected in the light fraction section and then leaves the unit through a designated outlet.

The heavy fraction of the liquids is collected at the bottom of the vessel and are channeled through a stream made up by the light section bottom and the lower part of the vessel into the heavy fraction section by means of an overflow pipe.

The off-gas flows through the drop catcher and out of the vessel through the outlet connection.

The vessels diameter for standard applications is normally between 800 and 3200 mm.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Liquid mixture flow capacity, m3/h Up to 200
Operating pressure, MPa, no greater than 16.0
Design temperature, °С minus 40 to plus 150
Operating media Liquid-gas mixture