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Low temperature separator

Low temperature separator
Low temperature separator

The unit function is to purge the natural gas of any liquids and then further separate the extracted liquids into hydrocarbon condensate and rich methanol solution.

Installed to the Sterkhovoye production field.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

A gas/liquid mixed stream enters the unit through the inlet equipped with a mesh screen where a preliminary separation of gas and liquid takes place. The stream then passes three orifices where further separation of gas from liquids takes place.

The separated liquid phase of the stream is then directed to the separator through the transfer connection.

The transfer connection handles preliminary separation of liquids which then enters the multi-layer orifice where the liquid stream is finally separated into hydrocarbon condensate and methanol-in-water solution.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Production capacity: gas, m3/h from 88180 up to 88298
condensate, kg/h from 4084 up to 5541
methanol-in-water, kg/h from 93 up to 133
Design pressure, MPa 8.6
Design temperature, °С 50
Media Hydrocarbon condensate, Hydrocarbon gas, Methanol-in-water
Low temperature separator