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The unit function is to separate liquid drops from the hydrocarbon gas stream.

Installed to the following production fields: Keymir, Vankor, Nakhodkinskoye, Romanovo, Pyakyakhinskoye, Tarasovskoye, Kynskoye, Fakhirovskoye and others.

Separator – is a vertical cylindrical vessel with a flanged connection (depending on the diameter), with a separation plate installed to the inside with centrifugal elements, an inlet of the gas/liquid stream and a mesh catcher screen at the outlet (where necessary).

A liquid/gas stream enters the separator, and contacts the plate where the centrifugal elements provide means of separating the drops of liquid from the main gas stream.

Gas and the separated liquids are then exited through separate outlet nozzles.

Gas flows through the mesh screen on to the gas-gas heat exchanger, while the separated fluids and liquids flow into the high pressure separating unit.

Technical specification

Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Flow capacity: gas, m3/h 42392
liquids, kg/h 2712
Gas/liquid mixture, kg/h 36992
Design pressure, MPa 13.2
Design temperature, °С 100
Media Hydrocarbon condensate, Hydrocarbon gas, water, methanol