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Tower equipment

Manufactured tower equipment falls into two major categories, depending on the type of internal contact devices used: plate towers and orifice towers.

Towers with internal plates may be further divided based upon the type of plates used:

  • bubble-cap plates;
  • sieve (or perforated) plates;
  • grid trays;
  • louvered trays;
  • pressure pallet (valve-type plate);
  • others.

Orifice towers may be further divided up into the following subcategories:

  • dumped packing;
  • honeycomb (or egg crate) packing;
  • plane-parallel packing;
  • modular packing;
  • grid packing;
  • others.
Parameter designation, units of measurement Value
Plate towers Orifice towers
Temperature, °С design t of the shell from 20 up to 300
operating t of the media from 0 up to 300
Operating pressure, MPa, no greater than 16
Internal diameter of the shell, mm from 200 up to 3200 from 200 up to 3200
Distance between the plates, mm from 200 up to 1200
Media gaseous hydrocarbon, natural, associated petroleum gases, ammonia (NH3), nitrogen, helium, hydrogen sulfide, chemical compounds and other gases
liquid Hydrocarbon liquids (condensate), water, ammonia solutions, glycol solutions, methanol solutions, liquefied gases, chemical solutions and other mixtures