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Glycol dryer tower

Glycol dryer tower
Glycol dryer tower

The unit is designed to dehydrate associated petroleum gas.

Installed to the following production fields: Fyedorovskoye, Nakhodkinskoye, Troitskoye, Vankorskoye and others.

The unit operates in the following fashion:

Pressurized associated petroleum gas enters the tower. Lower separation section of the tower is designed to capture and extract water condensate. Captured liquid is collected at the bottom section of the tower and is then drained to be utilized elsewhere.

Raw gas then travels through the distribution connection nipples of the division plate into the mass-transfer section of the tower where orifice packing provides intensive contact of the gas stream with regenerated tri-ethylene glycol (TEG) solution and is dehydrated to a desired dewpoint temperature levels.

Regenerated glycol is distributed into the packing through a liquid dispenser. Water-enriched glycol solution is collected atop the division tray of the tower and through a regulating valve is directed into the degassing and TEG regeneration modules.

The tower is equipped with process inlets and outlets and fittings for instrumentation devices.

Vessel diameter is typically from 600 up to 3200 mm.