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Stabilization tower

Stabilization tower
Stabilization tower

The unit is designed to stabilize hydrocarbon condensate.

Installed and operational to the following production fields: Rogozhnikovskoye, Sterkhovoye and others

Different types of plates may be fitted to the internal parts of the tower. Top part of the tower features a mist extractor screen upstream of the gas outlet.

The tower operates in the following fashion:

Feed hydrocarbon condensate stream enters the middle part of the tower, while liquid reflux is directed to the top tray/plate of the tower.

Stabilized hydrocarbon condensate flows down off the bottom tray/plate into the bottoms section of the tower and is later drained to the evaporator.

Gas out of the evaporator is then returned to the bottom tray/plate of the tower.

Stabilization gas passes through the mist extractor and flows out of the tower.

The tower is equipped with process inlets and outlets and fittings for instrumentation devices.

Tower diameter is typically from 600 up to 3200 mm.