Engineering company in oil and gas industry

Startup and comissioning

«RusGazCryo» commissioning department executes a complete scope of startup and commissioning works at the Customers construction/installation site.

«RusGazCryo» LLC arranges and carries out startup and commissioning works for the production and processing facilities within the following industries:

  • gas processing industry for the following unit types: aggregated gas treating stations, gas treating units, gas dehydration units, condensate stabilization and filtration units, liquid hydrocarbons (LPG) storage facilities;
  • oil processing industry — small-scale oil refineries producing gasoline/diesel fuels, atmospheric pipe stills (APS), crude distillation units (CDU), crude desalter units, viscosity breaking units, reformers, isomerization units, hydroprocessing units, pitch and tar producing plants, delayed coker units and others;
  • chemical industry — ammonia production facilities, ammonia nitrate units, nitric acid production units, carbonyl diamide producing units and such.

Startup and commissioning works on automated process control systems are carried out by a specially-dedicated division of our company. Our control systems commissioning/service business unit is more than 50 employee-strong successful division of our company.

«RusGazCryo» facilitates its very own production line for automated process control units and its adjustment. This unique feature allows to minimize time and financial resources for field installation and commissioning time.

In addition, «RusGazCryo» develops a full-scale technical, startup and user-manual documentation package to accompany its products and services. Technical procedures guidelines, emergency shutdown procedures operator manuals can also be developed by our engineering staff.