Engineering company in oil and gas industry

About Us

«RusGazCryo» is a diverse company that specializes in engineering, design and manufacturing of process equipment and automation systems for Oil and Gas processing and petrochemical enterprises.

RusGazCryo competencies:

«RusGazCry/en/competencies/maintenance-works/» provides services for design and production of processing units of various degrees of complexity, where ether these are greenfield projects, construction, modernization of existing plants. Design and engineering departments of «RusGazCryo» are staffed with high class engineers and designers with more than 20 years of experience of project experience in the field of oil and gas processing.

«RusGazCryo» procures and supplies equipment for various processing tasks for oil and gas production fields: oil processing equipment, gas and gas condensate processing equipment, processing equipment for petrochemical plants. Scope of works for production fields may include the following: selection and procurement of processing equipment, supply and delivery of the equipment, supervision of installation, supervision of construction, start up and commissioning.

Our company has production facilities and vendors out the following types of modular processing skids: separators, air coolers, heat exchangers, towers and vessel equipment, furnaces, control valve skids etc.

One of the key «RusGazCryo» activities is a complex solution of different automation and control tasks within processing projects, industrial buildings.

Another key area of «RusGazCryo» competency is turn key solutions for industrial gas production equipment procurement and installation. Based on the task at hand and Customer requirements the company is offering the following air separation units: adsorption air separating units and cryogenic air separating units.

Separate department of «RusGazCryo» handles startup and commissioning and field service projects. Our field service engineers take on a full spectrum of startup and commissioning operations for oil and gas facilities, petrochemical plants, industrial gases facilities; as well as installation, startup and commissioning services for automated control systems and the aftermarket servicing.